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App Installation

How do I install Ultimate Reorder into my Shop?

I have your old reorder app, “Customer Reorder” installed in my shop - do I need to remove it to install/use Ultimate Reorder? How do I do that?

Is there any liquid theme code I need to add to my theme for Ultimate Reorder to work?

How do I uninstall Ultimate Reorder?

I have installed reorder into my theme, but I can’t see the reorder button on my customer’s account.

I know basic HTML or have a developer who works on my shop - can they update the setting to customise where the reorder button appears on your customer’s account page?

How do I know the App is installed correctly?

App Setup

How do I change the way Ultimate Reorder is displayed to my customers?

How do I add a default discount for my customers when they reorder?

How do I add a customer tag discount for customers when they reorder?

How do I setup the reorder from the Shopify order details page?

App Usage

How does my customer reorder?

Where is the customer directed when they press reorder?

Will my custom order properties copied when my customers reorder?

I added a reorder discount - but it doesn't seem to be working

How do I reorder from the Shopify order details page?

When does a reorder from Shopify admin turn into an Order?

App Subscriptions

How do I activate a subscription with Ultimate Reorder?

When will I start being charged for using the app?

How does the 60 day free trial work?

How do I cancel my trial?

How do I cancel my subscription?

How do I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

App Compatibility

I use Bold’s Product Builder App - will Ultimate Reorder copy across the custom item properties when a reorder is processed?

I use another App for my customers orders, and I want to see if it is compatible with Ultimate Reorder, can you check it for me?


Do I ever need to update the app?

Can MEKU help with getting Ultimate Reorder setup for me?

I want to customise or add new features to the app - is that possible?